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Click on a video link below to view a playlist of tutorials. Learn Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, plus tips on color management, vectorization, and more.

Adobe Illustrator for Beginners - Toolbar Series

Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Learn Adobe Illustrator's basic tools on the default toolbar. Each lesson goes over a different group of tools and their basic functions.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Beginners and Pros

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

For beginners and pros

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials for beginners and pros

Photoshop Tutorials

For beginners and pros

Graphic Design Color Management Tutorials

Color Management

Picking colors, how to print certain colors, conversions to cmyk, rgb, and Pantone.

Time Lapse Videos.

Time Lapse Videos

Super Art. Super Fast.

Time Lapse Videos.

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